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Ranger Safaris’ fleet comprises of one of the largest in Tanzania. With over 130 4x4 vehicles, Ranger Safaris has the capacity to handle large groups and the sole nature lover alike. All vehicles are custom designed with open roofs for ease of game viewing. Most seat up to eight passengers including the passenger seat next to the driver. However, the scheduled safaris never carry more than seven to allow everyone access to a window seat.

Vehicles are also equipped with cooler boxes and all of our safaris included bottled water during game drives. Vehicles have two-way radio and in most areas, cell phone communication.

Our vehicles undergo extensive pre-safari inspection from bonnet to boot, tyres to rooftop to ensure they are in good condition for a trouble free safari. Naturally, with the conditions of the roads that we travel, we still have the occasional problem. When this happens, is when you can truly appreciate the importance of travelling with a company with the scope and experience of Ranger Safaris. Usually, we have another vehicle nearby and customers rarely miss any of their game viewing experiences because of vehicle problems.

Having the best vehicles is not enough. Ranger Safaris also has the best driver/guides. Each, with years of experience and training, who understands that he is the second most important part of every safari. He also understands that the customer is the most important.

For transfers, Ranger Safaris may use non 4x4 vehicles. In Zanzibar and Dar es Salaam, transfers are in air-conditioned vehicles.
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